This is the short history of Le Coq d’Or Restaurant, Chiang Mai, Thailand. We are adjacent to Ping River in Chiang Mai. The area of Le Coq d’Or’s spacious garden is an ideal location for dinning and Wedding Receptions. A classic feature of the garden is a two hundred year old tree symbolizing longevity. We are located in an up-market part of the city. Our green grass garden extends over 10,000 square metres of a total ground area of 25,600 square metres. Mr. W. A. R. Wood, C.M.G., C.I.E Upon his retirement in 1931 as British Consul in Chiang Mai acquired a piece of land downstream from the consulate and on the opposite side of the river in an area now known as Nong Hoi.

Here he built himself a large house styled after the consulate and later two other houses which he rented out to foreigners living in the area. One of these houses adjacent to his own residence on the river, and the other set back with its access from Koh Klang Road. It is this latter house that is now occupied by the Coq d’Or restaurant, hence its old-world, so-called ‘colonial’ style; an ambiance carefully nourished by the current owners. It has, of course, been much extended over the years, in particular with an expansive and highly popular wrought iron ‘glass room’ to the south and kitchen and reception areas to the north and east of the building.