Welcome to Le Coq d'Or

Le Coq d'Or Restaurant has open for more than 40 years in "English Country House" setting surround with greenery and located on Koh Klang Road near Holiday Inn, Chiang Mai Hotel.

Live Music performed every night except on Sunday. Le Coq d’Or Restaurant opens in daily two period times per day on 11.00am-02.00pm and 05.00pm - 11.00pm.

The finest French dining in Chiang Mai, Le Coq d'Or Restaurant will delight in expertly-reward and good test from prepared seasonal produce savor the France classic cuisine.
We are warm welcome and we are ready to be a part in your story.

Menu Recommend

Chef Presents 1st -30th November 2015

\"King\'s Royal Project\" 1 Smoked Duck from France served with Royal Project Salad 2.Grilled Royal Project Sturgeon Served with Capers in Lemon Butter Sauce 3.Grilled Filet of Mountain Trout served with Capers in Butter Sauce 4. Le Coq d\'Or